Sunday, August 9, 2015

Le Bugshow Spa 2015

ILe Bugshow 2015 just rocked again. EdRaket did a great job cruisin' to Spa, about 800km total distance. 

Some of the photos:

(Ripped this one, photographer Eyereflection):

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Hi! After having sold the '65 Karmann Ghia convertible (somehow the need to finish this project abruptly came to an end, some high class car restorer is now finishing it) I needed another project. I wanted a patina Volkswagen T2a Westy bus but finding a nice and affordable one isn't easy nowadays as everybody wants that...

So last year I bought this 1960 Volkswagen bug for the meanwhile to attend some VW shows and search for a bus...


Mounted some 5x130 discbrakes with new dropped spindles machined by SlammedPanel:

Early Fuchs job (Deep Six & 5,5's) polished by Freezzr (never again):

And after some cleaning/polishing/detailing, etc.: